eight squared

Gallery space for hire
In the heart of Folkestone's Creative Quarter

eight squared gallery is a small but perfectly formed gallery space which is available for artists and makers to hire on a fortnightly basis to display their work to the public.  We are located at the bottom end of the picturesque, cobbled Old High Street in the heart of the Creative Quarter of Folkestone.  

The gallery has around 8 square metres of wall hanging space, and staging and shelving that would suit pottery or small sculptures. It could also work for jewellers and accessory makers.

The gallery shares a kitchen and bathroom but can be locked as an independent unit.

Our larger space Gallery 66 has more wall hanging space for artists who have bigger canvasses or for artist groups. Gallery 66 also shares the kitchen and bathroom, but can be locked separately.

We want to support and encourage our local artists and are therefore not increasing our prices for 2024.

PLEASE EMAIL eightsquared@btinternet.com FOR ENQUIRIES AND BOOKINGS FOR 2024


The galleries are available to hire fortnightly - see dates below. The rental starts on a Wednesday and finishes on a Tuesday to ensure maximum display exposure over the weekend. PRICES FOR 2024 remain the same as for 2023 Eight Squared Gallery (No 64 The Old High St) £330 Per Slot Gallery 66 (No 66 The Old High St) £500 Per Slot For further details contact eightsquared@btinternet.com

£500 per slot

£330 per slot

3rd January to 16th January-

17th January to 30th January

31st January  to 13th February

14th February to 27th February
-28th February to 12th March
available13th March to 26th March
John Ballard27th March to 9th April
Joao Caridade
RESERVED - Tim10th April to 23rd April
Thread + Clay
Jake Tomlin24th April to 7th May
(Bank Holiday)
Thread + Clay

Antik Store8th May to 21st May
Jose Juan Barba
Folkestone Art Society22nd May to 4th June
(Bank Holiday)
Seaside Creatives
Amanda Thompson5th June to 18th June
Josip Vukojevic19th June to 2nd JulyAmanda Wood
The Woodshed Studio
Jeanette Cook
3rd July to 16th July
Dunstan Art
available17th July to 30th July
Joao Caridade
Diana Harrison31st July to 13th August
Biddy Fraser

14th August to 27th August
(Bank Holiday)
Becky Beckett
FROUDE + FROUDE28th August to 10th September
Kale + Clay
11th September to 24th September
Kale + Clay
Canterbury Archaeological Trust25th September to 8th October
Sunnybank Studio & Chums
RESERVED - Tim9th October to 22nd October
Kate Beaugie and
Marc Christmas
23rd October to 5th November
Kate Laffargue
Sunny Sands House & Wild Berries Ceramics6th November to 19th November
Amanda Wood
The Woodshed Studio

Daunton Marbling Studio20th November to 3rd December
'Tis the Season4th December 1st January
(3 weeks for the price of 2)
Joao Caridade

These are an example of our Terms and Conditions which may be updated from time to time.  The final version will be included in your booking form but these are a guide to what you can expect.

Do contact us if you have any queries.




Deposit of £100 is payable on booking. Full fee is payable 3 months prior to the start date.  Please use your trading name as reference. Receipt of fees confirms the booking.


If multiple dates are booked throughout the year, we will take the £100 deposit for the first booking period up front then take the deposit for other bookings 3 months prior to the commencement of each additional booking.



A deposit of £100 will be payable on booking and is refunded within 7 days of the end of the hire period, less energy charges and damage/repairs.


Over 30 calendar days to rental, the rental fee is refunded. The deposit of £100 is NOT refunded. 

30 calendar days and under to rental, the rental fee is NOT refunded. The deposit of £100 is refunded.


1. The applicant is responsible for the insurance of exhibited work

2. Coastal Creatives Ltd accept no liability for damage, loss, costs or expenses incurred by the applicant whilst using the Gallery, and the applicant must adequately insure with respect to Third Party and Public Liability risks.

3. Applicant will be responsible for invigilating the exhibition and the security of the Gallery during their period of occupation.

4. There shall be no musical or theatre performances unless:

a) a licence for the same shall have first been obtained from the appropriate authority

b) all necessary measures shall have been taken to fulfil the conditions of grant of licence of such authority

c) Any and all such conditions relating to performance rights shall be observed,

d) The applicant will reimburse Coastal Creatives Ltd should there be any fines or costs due to their failure to comply with licence conditions.

5. Any damage to the fixtures and fittings caused by the applicant or their visitors is to be repaired to the original state at the applicant’s expense, and should the damage prevent the space from being used after the end of the hire period, the applicant will reimburse Coastal Creatives Ltd for all costs incurred and revenue lost.

6. Electricity use will be charged at the going rate per KwH (as decided by our energy provider at the time) – meter readings at the start and end of the hire period will be taken and the amount owing will be taken from the deposit.

7. No smoking on the premises.

8. Evening opening should not be later than 10pm and applicants are to be mindful of the rights to peace and quiet of the tenant in the flat above the premises and the surrounding neighbours.

9. The premises must be vacated by 3pm on the final day of hire and must be in the same clean and tidy condition as found, with all rubbish removed. If the premises require cleaning a fee will be deducted from the deposit.

10. If for any reason the Gallery is unusable for the hire period, Coastal Creatives Ltd will refund the hire fee but will not be liable for any other costs or losses incurred by the applicant.

11. No sticky tape, drawing pins, or drilling of holes is acceptable for displaying work, and hirers are requested to use their creative ingenuity to display their work without damaging the wall surfaces.

12. Should damage occur to the walls, hirers must make good and repaint the wall, allowing time to dry in good time for the end of the hiring period.

13. The applicant must also use their discretion regarding loading the picture rails and Coastal Creatives Ltd are not responsible should the hanging rails fail due to overloading.

14. Communal areas such as the kitchen and toilet must be kept clean and tidy at all times, with all rubbish removed and any mugs etc washed after use.

15.  Coastal Creatives Ltd and their agents will have access to the galleries throughout the hire period for repairs, access to the rear and basement of the premises and also to the cctv system.

Coastal Creatives Ltd reserves the right to refuse any application for use of the Eight Squared Gallery and in doing so, needs not state the reason for which the application is refused.